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Multidisciplinary artist whose work flows along photography, digital collage, video art, immersive installations, abstract painting, illustration and tattoo.

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and always in full touch with the

underground hip hop scene of this city.

His work is constantly getting nourished with several stimulus that wrap him in an urban environment such as counterculture, postmodernism, pop culture and its evolution typical of the century in which we are living.

An unhibited work that keeps on moving between the “kistch”, the “trash”, and colorism always returning a non-conformist vision, tackling issues which range from general to the own artist’s like the hesitation about his own existentialism or giving visibility to the problems derived from the mental health from a very personal point of view.

This way a style that sometimes reaches a kind of post-surrealism enriched with powerfulpop aestethics is created, always deeply influenced by the different forms of urban art and very close to them all, especially in reference with the style of the urban scene of Barcelona, the city where

he grew up both as a person and an artist.

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