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He was born in 1993 (Barcelona) and is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He started painting graffiti with his friends in abandoned places outside of his city and at the surroundings of the river that crosses Terrassa. When he started studying (Graphic design) he also was involved in the creation of two collectives: first, @majara.collective, and later, @ElCorralitoCCA, with ten more local artists. This fact is very important for him because these people contributed to open his mind in many different ways and, since then, he incorporated new artistic techniques to his paintings. In that moment, he also started being interested in Surrealism and Lowart, which have been trying to mix with his own conception of the graffiti.


Nowadays he is mostly interested in the symbolism of the things and the moments he experiences in his day to day life. All these influences are part what is considered by him as “Galaxy IV.” The techniques that he most used is the Spray mixed with acrylics and pencils and always used the digital (photoshop, ilustrator...) The purpose of his art is to generate questions in people ́s minds and make them have a different perspective of the world we all share. His aim is to continue developing himself as an artist and as a person, taking different ideas from the people he meets in his path, a path that no-one knows where will finish.


instagram: @itois.bru 

@majara.collective @Elcorralitocca (redesigning)

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