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Caps Aff - Quality Yard

Quality Yard got a repaint with a difference this weekend. As part of the Leith Festival, David Organ owner of the Quality Yard, invited Vue Arts to hold Caps Aff - a graffiti and street art event. Ten female artists assembled to complete nine new pieces of work over one weekend.

Despite the rain on Saturday the yard was transformed into a mix of styles, from the geometric to portraiture, with some graff writing to complete the picture. A more chilled Sunday in the sunshine saw the pieces finished off.

The artists came from across Scotland to showcase their work. Full line up:

Shona Hardie



Isla and Solii

Mia McGregor

Nänni Pää

Zoe Gibson

Ursula Kam Ling


Alongside the paintings in the yard the Mineral and Lapidary Club were teaching people how to pan for gold, and the six artists at Quality Yard Studios opened for the weekend. The Cube Project took the centre of the Yard, giving everyone an opportunity to make their mark.

Holding a women’s jam was a great opportunity to bring female artists together, not only to give them a platform for their work, but to get a chance to network and share ideas. Quality Yard was buzzing with visitors all weekend from all corners of the community and the country.

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